Top 10 Human Trafficking Countries

In these fast and busy daily lives, People are working, always rushing into their work and enjoying their lives in their own way. but on the other hand, there is a dark side where humans are hunting humans. Some people called it Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking is criminal activity or a form of modern-day slavery when a trafficker uses force, fraud, or force to control another person for the objective of engaging in commercial sex activities or labor work or services against his/her will.

In this article, I will share the Top 10 Human Trafficking Countries where you should be careful when you’re traveling through these countries.

Note that’s we’re not judging or disrespecting any countries, all this information is based on facts, Wikipedia, and reputed news sites such as Fox News, the guardian, Ksl news, etc.

Top 10 Human Trafficking Countries

Top 10 Human Trafficking Countries

10. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a source or destination country for men, women, and children who are subjected to trafficking in persons, particularly forced labor and forced prostitution.

In 2005, An organization called the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) reported 150 child trafficking cases to other states.

The boys and girls from Afghanistan are trafficked within the country and into Iran, Pakistan, and India as well as Persian Gulf Arab states,

where they mainly live as a slave and are forced into prostitution and forced labor as well.

They are forced to work in brick kilns, carpet-making factories, and domestic service.

In some cases, Some boys and girls were used for organ trafficking as well.

9. Eritrea

Eritrea is also one of the destinations for men, women, and children where they are forced for labor and, to a lesser extent, forced prostitution as well.

Mainly these countries are trafficking humans for slavery and for labor work.

Eritrean children work in different economic sectors, such as domestic service, street vending, small-scale factories, and agriculture.

child laborers often mourn abuse from their employers and some may be subjected to conditions of forced labor.

Article 605 by the Eritrean Transitional Criminal Code restricts trafficking of women and young persons for sexual exploitation, or labor work that they don’t want to do,

that is punishable by up to five years of jail, or from three to 10 years of Jail if any problematic circumstances are present.

These penalties are not commensurate with punishments specified for other serious crimes, such as rape.

8. Russia

People often think that human trafficking is just about people being taken away from their homes and made to work or have sex with someone else.

But there’s another kind of human trafficking called domestic human trafficking.

When people are brought into your country or taken away from their home country and made to work or have sex with someone else inside your country.

Human traffickers can be found all over the world, including in Russia.

Some people might think that human traffickers only take people away from Russia and don’t bring any new people into Russia, but this isn’t true! People come to Russia too!

In 2009, an organization called the International Labour Organization found that people were being forced to work without getting paid money.

Some people were taken away from their homes in Russia and some other places like Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Moldova.

They had to work for very long hours without getting paid money at all!

7. North Korea

Human trafficking in North Korea is common practice, North Korean somehow managed to go to other countries like China for lots of reasons.

Some want more food, some want more money work, freedom, and better life prospects.

Sometimes people who are looking for these things get tricked by someone who is bad.

And then they are tricked into getting married or doing bad things like working as prostitutes or labor.

Men who are Korean-Chinese and North Koreans work together with people from China and North Korea on their borders to get girls from one country to another.

Sometimes they marry them, but sometimes they use them for sex instead.

6. Iran

Human traffickers are bad people who steal people and make them do things they don’t want to do like work really hard and get hurt.

In Iran, people are not allowed to buy or sell other people as slaves and if they do this they can be put in jail or even killed!

Women and girls are smuggled from Persian Gulf Arab states, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Europe, where work as Slaves, sex workers, and factories laborers.

Although every country has very strict laws for Human trafficking still it’s happened underground in many parts of the country.

5. Venezuela

There are many people in Venezuela who are being manipulated. They are being taken away from their homes by human traffickers and made to do things they don’t want to do like work or have sex with other people.

These traffickers sometimes take these people across borders too so they can’t go back home again when they want to.

Some people have jobs that they don’t like so they go look for another one.

But some people get fished by some human traffickers who say they have a job offer but really want them to be their sex slaves instead!

That’s what happened with some Venezuelan women and girls who were tricked by some human traffickers who said they had a job offer but really they want them to be their sex slaves instead!

4. Belarus

Belarus is a place where people are trafficked. They are often put into sex work or other hard jobs like farming or factory work that they don’t want to do.

The most common people who are trafficked from Belarus are girls who are taken away from their homes and sold as sex slaves all over the world!

People in Belarus are forced for begging, as well as forced labor in the construction site and other sectors in Russia.

Belarusian law makes it illegal to force people into sex work or any other kind of work that they don’t want to do.

The punishment is 2-15 years in jail and the person who did this has to give up all their money!

3. Pakistan

Sometimes people buy little boys and girls from their families and make them do things they don’t want to do.

Sometimes they’re made to beg on the street or do hard work like cleaning houses without getting paid.

Sometimes they’re made to be prostitutes, which is when someone pays money so they can have sex with that person.

Pakistan hasn’t done anything wrong and people should stop being mean to them! A new study showed that there haven’t been any cases of human trafficking in Pakistan for the last ten years.

But many people are still mad at them because some people said they were doing bad things before but it turns out they weren’t!

Human Traffickers steal other people away from their families and make them work without pay.

The Pakistani government has made a law that says you can’t do this anymore!

If you try to take someone else’s family member away, you could go to jail for up to 14 years!

2. China

In China, people get tricked into going somewhere else, and then they don’t have any choice about what they do there.

Sometimes they work as slaves or prostitutes. Sometimes they’re tricked into both of those things at once!

The government of China says that they’re trying to stop people from taking away other people’s freedom, but sometimes they do it too!

They’re trying to stop people from making other people work without paying them or forcing them into sex work.

But sometimes the government does this too!

In some places in China people are forced to work against their will, like when they’re at a brick kiln or coal mine or factory or even when they’re building something.

It’s bad because they don’t want to be there but they have no choice because someone is forcing them.

They can’t just say no because then that person would do something bad to them.

1. Syria

In this country called Syria, there are many people who don’t know what they’re doing wrong.

This is because they don’t have a law that says you can’t do this. But there are other laws that might say you can’t do this instead!

There are many bad people in Syria who will hurt you. They will force you to do things that you don’t want to do, like work or have sex with them.

In Syria, there are some bad people who will hurt you. They will make you do things that you don’t want to do like work or have sex with them.

Final Thought

Nobody wants badly treated and there is no doubt that most of the people all over the country are friendly.

In this article, I have mentioned some human trafficking countries that don’t mean that’s these countries are bad, Not at all.

Every country has good or bad sides whatever I have discussed above are based on lots of research because those are a serious topic

still, You can visit these countries because nowadays the government is very strict in this matter and try to keep their citizens as much as possible.

And I hope you like my effort, comment below If you have any questions in your mind.

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