Bubblegum pink smoothie

Making smoothie is similar to mixing colors. The base consists of yogurt (soy or biological full yogurt), and banana. With this beige undertone, I add in fruits and vegetables to fine tune the colors. Usually, there is a maximum of three additional ingredients, otherwise the taste would be clashing. To make the smoothie extra creamy, try to add in some frozen ingredients, such as frozen banana or berries.

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Goto strawberry cake

This recipe is originally from Martha Stewart. I modified it to my liking and it has now become my go-to recipe for a strawberry cake. It is a mix between a cake and a tart, which means you get to experience the deliciousness of both: crunchy crust with a moist, soft and cakey middle. It is loaded with strawberries, not too sweet and easy to prepare! It is important to use white sugar and beat it with butter for 3 minutes otherwise the strawberries might sink to the bottom and make the cake soggy. Good luck!

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