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Hey, Guys Today we talk about the awesome gamer or you can say YouTuber.  As you have already read the title that I’m going to share with you the best information about the Kwebbelkop whose real name is Jordi van den Bussche.

So, In this article, I will share with you the complete information of Kwebbelkop or you can say Jordi van den Bussche about his Age, Height, girlfriend, net worth, family everything that you want to know. So If you think or curious about Kwebbelkop then the first things that come to everybody mind that,

Who is Kwebbelkop?

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Kwebbelkop is a Youtuber where he was posting Gaming Videos. However, His real name is Jordi van den Bussche but everybody has known for his gaming videos. He most plays GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) or Minecraft video games on his YouTube Channel.

Currently, his youtube channel has crossed over 14 Million plus Subscribers and also he has crossed over 6 billion-plus views in his youtube channels that were really Crazy.

Kwebbelkop is a Superb YouTuber who has a large following on video-sharing websites like Youtube due to his range of fun related video games.

Kwebblekop or Jordi was born on 1 June 1995 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to his parents Brigitela and Ben. Kwebbelkop, his mother said, began to show a greater interest in playing when he got his first computer. we more take about his Family but now let’s talk about his,


Full Name Jordi Van Den Bussche
Stage Name Kwebblekop
Profession YouTuber
Nationality Dutch
Date of Birth 1 June 1995
Age 25 years old (in 2021)
Gender Male
Birthplace Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hometown Amsterdam, Netherlands
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Physical Stats & more

Source: Instagram
Height 6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight 66 kgs
Body Measurement Not Known
Body Type Skinny
Hair Colour Brown Curly Hair
Eyes Colour Hazel
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight

Family & Relatives

Father Ben
Mother Brigittela
Siblings Lauren (Elder sister)
Relationship Status Single
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Azzyland (ex-girlfriend)

As you know that his elder sister Lauren and His mother Brigittela Bussche. However, his mom called kwebblemom and she makes occasional vlogs videos on her youtube channel name momvlogs.

Kwebbelkop has no name given to him by his parents, but his birth name is Jordi Maximilian van den Bussche. His parents divorced two years ago when he was a toddler, and his mother raised him and his sister, Lauren, as single parents.

Who is Kwebblekop Girlfriend?

The young YouTuber has been linked to Jamie in the past. He dated fellow gamer Azzyland in 2016, but the pair split in 2020.

The two introduced each other on their respective YouTube channels and on their other social media accounts. On February 29, Kwebbelkop announced the split on Twitter and announced a few days later that he would move to Amsterdam to record a video for Robust Crainer.

However, Kwebbelkop is having a great time and currently, he is totally focusing on his career. Jamie appeared in some of his early videos. Not much is known about him, however.

Kwebbelkop Education and Career?

Kwebbelkop was born in Amsterdam on 1 June 1995 and holds Dutch citizenship. He was raised by his sister Lauren, and not much is known about his academic career. His urge to become a competent player, however, did not allow him to penetrate the study and academic instruction.

He gets famous because he got a college degree and decided to use his love of video games to make a job of it. Now let’s talk about his career,

Kwebbelkop founded its channel in 2008. He watched videos online and uploaded his first video of Call of Duty in 2011. In 2008, KwebbelKop began uploading his game videos to YouTube in different ways. After a few months, he stopped uploading videos and then stopped using a new computer, but he saved and delivered the broken part and it took him some time to set up his new computer.

Kwebbelkop, who is also known for a number of successful stunts, has tried to perform amazing stunts in GTA 5 and The World is yours while playing with his friend Jelly Sl Slogoman and Saber.

Since the first, he has shared video games he uses in his vlogs. Most recently, he made a game called Impossible Runner, which was released on Steam for iOS and Android on February 13, 2018.

What are Kwebbelkop’s Earnings and Net Worth?

This is my favourite part because Everyone wants are very curious to know about Earning of famous personality and In this article, I will explain to you that how many ways does Kwebbelkop earns and what’s his net worth?

So, as we have known that he is a Youtuber where he plays almost all famous games so in that case, he earns from sponsorship in lots of different ways especially in gaming because many companies want to promote their games.

Any gaming company launch a new game then after that they approach Youtuber who has gaming channel or plays lots of game-like Kwebbelkop Although Its depend on many factors they earn lots of money from Sponsorships and paid promotion as I taught in previous articles.

So you must read my previous like I recommend you to read Dhar Mann Bio were I have given very valuable information that guides you to your success.

In Short, If you take an average of his sponsorship or paid promotion then you will know that he earns at least $40000-$50000 in each sponsorship or paid promotions. And, If you calculate then

estimated Kwebbelkop’s Net Worth is $500000 -$800000 approximately.

Kwebbelkop Social Media

Source: Instagram
Youtube Kwebbelkop
Instagram Kwebbelkop

Kwebbelkop Facts & Favorite Things

  • His favourite Colour is Orange
  • He becomes one of the most viewed and best earning dutch social media personality.
  • His mom has also a youtube channel named Momvlogs where she uploads occasionally vlog videos.
  • He has also received the Diamond play button.
  • He loves to spend his time with her mother and sister when he not making videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Kwebbelkop married to Azzyland?

Ans:- No, Right now there were split from each other. Currently, Kwebbelkop is totally focusing on his career. for more complete details read the full article about her girlfriend.

Q2. How much money do Kwebbelkop make?

Ans:- Kwebbelkop makes $500000-$800000 per year. And $40000-$50000 for each sponsorship posts or paid promotion of Affiliate. and other so many ways where he makes lots of money.

Q3. How tall is kwebbelkop?

Ans:- Kwebbelkop height is 6 feet 2 Inches.

Q4. How old is kwebbelkop

Ans:- Kwebbelkop is 25 years old in 2021 according to his date of birth, 1 June 1995.

Q5. Where does kwebbelkop live?

Ans:- He lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Q6. how much does Kwebbelkop make a year?

Ans:- Kwebbelkop makes $500000-$800000 per year.

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