How I Overcame My Depression [ Best 3 Tips]

How I Overcame My Depression

In late 2020 I started to feel depressed because I was spending too much time on my cell phone and eventually I became very very lazy. I waste very valuable time playing video games eating unwanted junk food and this makes me fat and lazy too much. 

But, When I realise I started working on my body and habits and this really helps me out and that’s why today I’m going to tell you how you will overcome your depression.

I was always angry for many months for nothing but recently things have been getting change and a lot better today.

I wanna tell you how I was able to overcome my depression and it all comes down to three things.

Now, just a disclaimer that I am not a therapist.

I’m just an internet guy that speaking about my personal experience the form of depression that I had was not a very severe one.

If you feel like you’re in need of real help I suggest you find a licensed professional therapist to talk to now the first thing that I did was double down on the world’s healthiest drug.

What do I mean by this, well what if I told you that there’s a drug that will make you feel energized make you feel happy for the rest of the day make you feel like you have adept something that makes you sleep better at night and make you feel more confident raise your self-esteem and on top of all of that this is a drug that has almost no negative side-effects.

If this kind of medicine is present, then you will definitely want to take it every day to feel better, it exists which is called a workout.

Working outdoors is one of the most powerful keystone habits, which basically means that if you stick to it, you’ll adopt a bunch of other good habits, such as healthy eating.

Which when combined well promotes its overall feeling.

Now, of course, I know a lot of you are thinking but the gyms are closely okay just get a pull-up bar or push-ups.

Put some textbooks in your bookbag and follow a home workout routine.

There are lots of good ones floating around online tutorials for free many of them don’t even require equipment.

Personally, I recommend checking out jeff Nippert’s channel or health line website so that you get fitness knowledge and jeff Nippert videos he really knows his stuff but the most important thing that you need to do is figure out exactly what you’ll be doing during the workouts.

And then physically writing down when and where you’re going to start.

For example, I’m going to do jeff’s back routine tomorrow at 1 pm in my living room and the second thing that I did that helped me to overcome my depression was to go out of my way to talk to more people.

I don’t mean just messaging but actually going on the phone and having real conversations.

A lot of my childhood friends have been trying to build businesses at home with all their extra free time and I’ve been talking to them on a daily basis trying to lend a hand.

Now the reason this is very important is that having deep meaningful conversations helps you feel fulfilled and serves as a healthy way to relieve stress.

All of us are under more stress.

Nowadays because of the current world situation and this is causing us to turn to our bad habits such as drinking smoking and jerkin as a way to cope it’s much healthier to cope by socializing pick up the phone and reach out to people that you care about that you haven’t spoken to in a while.

I know some of you are a bit hesitant because you don’t want to bother others but I found that people are actually more receptive nowadays because we’re all feeling lonelier than usual now I know some of you are thinking well I don’t have that many close friends.

I can’t say the same person every day and to some extent, and

I would usually suggest that you go out and meet some new people but we can’t really do it because of the current world situation.

Luckily I have an alternative solution you see we’ve been building up an online community with hundreds of members on the Facebook page (@morningming) and you can also follow our page so that it will help you to overcome your depression and many more.

Finally, the third thing that helped to overcome my depression, I hoped that you really needed to believe that the future would be better.

In order for you to feel better, this was something that I struggled with a lot last year my obsession with climate change caused me to become a doomer.

Originally, I believed we had only a few years left before things were really ugly and it was extremely bad for my mental health.

I found myself indulging in destructive habits more often because I felt what it was like to maintain good health.

When there is no future, I am sure most of you are not struggling with thoughts of the apocalypse, but you are probably worried about your financial future.

Your family the meaning of this all that sort of stuff in which case here’s a way for you to find the hope you need to find or tell yourself a story that’s believable and then you need to take an active role in it.

I know this is a bit hard to digest so let me give you an example you see I was able to find hope.

I was able to convince myself that the rejection wasn’t guaranteed by stumbling across a project that seems like it could be a viable solution to climate change and the more I looked into it the stronger my belief in this story became more hope.

I started winning now I went even further by taking an active role in this story you see I’m currently in the job of interviewing the lead researcher in order to spread awareness for this entire project.

The fact that my actions will make a difference has given me, even more, hope and a very strong sense of purpose now I have something to fight for you need to find something.

Similarly, you need a story that you can believe in and take part in and it doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as saving the world from the apocalypse.

It could be a humble thing like working on yourself or your business so that you can change your financial situation.

For you to be able to support your close right which is a common history that many people have you see athletes.

All the time that work their butt off so that they can buy their mama home so she doesn’t have to work any more stories about saving loved ones from future suffering are very very powerful.

Now if you’re having a hard time figuring out what sort of story to tell yourself I suggest the best ways to spark hope is by working on a skill and seeing progress this gives you hope that you’ll be able to make use of that skill to prosper in the future.

This is why this article was brought to you with the help of the people to overcome their depression and you get more success in your life.

Overcome from depression, anxiety and stress are not very difficult but if you do not follow whatever I taught you in this article then it will very hard to overcome your depression. so follow whatever I have taught you in this beautiful article.

Sometimes a good Quotes also change your mood and also helps you out to overcome your depression.

Lastly, I hope this article was helpful besides that guys stay tuned.

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