Milk tea chestnut oatmeal

When I was in Shanghai, I lived with one bubble tea/milk tea per day. There was such a wide selection of tea stalls and tastes that I hardly repeated my tea order. I will present you the ultimate bubble tea guide in later posts, stay tuned~
This morning, my bubble tea craving kicked in so I gathered up the basic ingredients for the base of bubble tea and started brewing. It is simpler than you thought! I also found packages of cooked chestnuts laying around in the kitchen, so I tossed these goodies in my milk tea oatmeal. Chestnuts are such a comfy food in this weather.

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Porridge, sweet or salty?

Porridge is a nice warm bowl of grains typically cooked in water or milk. It is often served for breakfast. Depending on where you live, it could be salty or sweet.

In Asia, porridge is also known as congee (粥). Uncooked rice to water ratio is often 1 to 10. They are cooked on stove on high until water is boiled. Then, fire is turned to low, rice is slow cooked for 90 minutes to 2 hours. The side dishes are savory. You could make your own savory dish, or go with the store brought toppings. In the left picture, there are the three most common toppings: pork floss, salted kale, and pickled mustard plant stem. I like the last one the best, it is salty and crunchy. It balances perfectly with the congee. For salty congee, the choice of grains is not just limited to white rice, other popular choice are millet, glutinous rice, brown rice. You can cook them in chicken stocks. You can even cook them with chicken or with pumpkin. Congee in China can also be sweet, ba bao zhou (八宝粥)has eight ingredients including goji berries, chinese red dates, black rice. Ingredients are cooked together on the stove. A simplified version of sweet congee is black rice boiled in water. You could add granulated sugar during and after the boiling.

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