Strawberry rhubarb jam + sterilise jars

Making jam is one of my favourite cooking process. The process is quite easy and you can customise the fruit combination to your liking. One of the best parts is that you know the ingredients that you put in there. Homemade jam does not contain any stabilisers, preservatives or all those fancy chemical names. It stays well for a month, and if you sterilise the jam jar, the jam can keep for one year unopened.

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Sakura panna cotta

Sakura (cherry blossoms) emit lots of lovely spring vibes and are so pretty to look at. They can be added to desserts as they taste good and really increase the aesthetic. This recipe gives a twist on the traditional Italian panna cotta recipe in that we add a layer of sakura jelly. It is delicious and extremely easy to make! The recipe makes four Sakura panna cotta.

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Cinnamon hot chocolate

Cold winter night. It is that time of the year. Yes, I am talking about exams and deadlines haha. It is the busy moments before the great holiday season. What better ways to brew some hot chocolate to cozy up and run towards the final line? I like to brew my own hot chocolate because I can control the amount of sugar and the type of milk. Today I am making it with regular milk. I have also tried with soymilk, it tastes gorgeous.

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Extensive guide on ordering bubble tea

Bubble tea in China are like Starbucks in the West. They are custom made and highly addictive. When you order bubble tea in China, you can specify the amount of sugar, ice, and what to order. After the ordering, the cashier gives you a receipt with an order number on top. The store will call out the number (in Mandarin of course) when your tea is ready.

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Sesame walnut lava tang yuan

So… The Chinese Lunar New Year celebration has almost come to an end. In case you have missed it, it started on the 8th of February, lasting for a period of 15 days, until 23rd of February. On the last day, the full moon appears again and this day is called Lantern Festival. Traditionally, people solve lantern riddles, go out at night and watch lanterns. It is also a time for family reunion. Of course there will be delicious food! What better way to conclude Chinese New Year than making some Tang Yuan? These glutinous rice ball very much resembles the full moon. They are typically filled with wonderful things such as sesame walnut,  red bean paste, peanut butter  or creative fillings like green tea, chocolate.

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Goto strawberry cake

This recipe is originally from Martha Stewart. I modified it to my liking and it has now become my go-to recipe for a strawberry cake. It is a mix between a cake and a tart, which means you get to experience the deliciousness of both: crunchy crust with a moist, soft and cakey middle. It is loaded with strawberries, not too sweet and easy to prepare! It is important to use white sugar and beat it with butter for 3 minutes otherwise the strawberries might sink to the bottom and make the cake soggy. Good luck!

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