About Me

meHi there, it’s Chenming.

I am from Shanghai and now studying Econometrics in Rotterdam. My food journey began since University started. It gives me a platform to relax from the school work and unleash my creativity in cooking and plating.

This blog is called morningming because Chen in Chenming means morning in Mandarin. Plus, I believe breakfasts are important and I like to spend time on making, eating and taking pictures of them. Oh! Not to mention the nature lighting during breakfast is usually the best in a day.

This blog primarily focuses on breakfast, ranging from oatmeal, smoothies to pancakes and puddings. The breakfast recipes are simple and ready to eat in 10 minutes. In addition, I share lunch, dinner and dessert recipes. I really enjoy baking and I will share some of my go-to recipes for cookies and cakes.  Stay tuned!

Sometimes I write OP-EDs related to food, featured in local newspaper China Times. You can view these articles via the tab Food Article. Additionally, I am an Instagram foodblogger for my University. Check out my Instagram morningming for more food pictures and live stories!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog!

Contact via jennifer.qcm@outlook.com.