About Me

meHi there, it’s Chenming.

I am from Shanghai and now studying Econometrics in Rotterdam. Living alone means no more good food from parents and being the foodie that I am, I must find a way to satisfyingly feed myself. My food journey mainly started since day one of University with making fried egg and turning on the rice cooker.

This blog is called morningming because Chen in Chenming means morning in Mandarin. Plus, I believe breakfast are important and I like to spend time on making, eating and taking pictures of them. They actually do not take that long to make, 10 minutes later and it is ready for a picture!

I want good food, but I am kinda busy.

Good food for me, is balanced, delicious, price friendly and presentable. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables and grains but I do not miss out on pizza or icecream. Still, I try to stay on the healthy side, the same goes to my blog posts. Once in a while, you can see ice cream scoops on my oatmeal, or recipes for baked goods! I enjoy experimenting with combinations of ingredients to create exciting tastes and new recipes, and to ultimately share these delicious moments through this blog. As I believe look is appetizing, I enjoy taking pictures of my food. Most of them are captured in flat lay, which is rather minimalistic and clean.

I write columns for Chinese Student Associations and they are featured in local newspaper China Times. These articles are under the tab “Food Article“. They link food to Chinese culture. Additionally, I am an Instagram foodblogger for my university.

Ps. For more delicious pictures, check out my Instagram morningming.

Pps. Contact via jennifer.qcm@outlook.com.